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KAZBT.COM tracks whether 1M+ 100,000 most-visited websites in the world are accessible in Kazakhstan.

All query results are cached for 3 hours. The blocked websites counter is updated every day. The status of websites is checked every week. You can build a graph and see the historical data for all websites.

A website can be blocked in Kazakhstan only by a court order without a court order (changes to the law in 2015). However, often, there is a real lack of transparency. For example, it in unclear why some websites like ██████, ██████████, or █████████ are still blocked.

How it works

At most two HTTP HEAD requests to a website are made from kazakhstani and non-kazakhstani IP addresses. A website is reported as blocked only when the server was not accessible from an IP in Kazakhstan, but was acessible from outside the country.

This project uses Google Public DNS to resolve hostnames. Test results may vary if you use different DNS services.

Please note that query results depend on domain names. For example, can be reported as accessible, but as inaccessible (diffrent host IP).


This is a completely safe test, and will do nothing to your system.

KAZBT.COM only makes a simple HEAD HTTP request to robots.txt and avoids creating unwanted traffic. Request results are cached for 30 minutes.

All data is provided only on a best-efforts basis with absolutely no warranties. KAZBT.COM is not liable for any false positives, losses, or damages of any kinds.

This website does not contain tips on how to find forbidden material or how to access blocked websites in Kazakhstan. The project will only help you find out the list of blocked websites and to check site availability in Kazakhstan.